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italienisch, deutsch, spanisch, französich, und englisch
italienisch, deutsch, spanisch, französich, und englisch
European Language Portfolio Compare your testpodium test results with the European Language Portfolio
Europäisches Sprachenportfolio
test results
Corresponds to the following levels:
Elementary 1 (00-10 points)
Basic language skills
Elementary 2 (11-20 points)
Intermediate 1 (21-30 points)
Independent language skills
Intermediate 2 (31-40 points)
Advanced 1 (41-50 points)
Competent language skills
Advanced 2 (51-60 points)

The above table represents the opinion of udm online testing.The even numbers of points, e.g. 10 or 20, mark the end of a level.

*The levels of the European Language Portfolio are based on the " Common European Framework of Reference for Languages" from the European council. This is being used increasingly by public and private schools for planning.
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European Language Portfolio European Language Portfolio
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Common European Framework
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Common European Framework
European Language Portfolio
Common European Framework
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